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Just A Rental . . . No

By August 8, 2019August 21st, 2020No Comments

No, It’s Not Just A Rental

The phrase that plagues the property management community and industry is all too often heard and said. It’s a phrase that should be eliminated from tenants, owners; and yes, even property management companies vocabulary. After all, have you ever heard of an agent say, “Oh it’s just a sale” or “Oh let’s just fix this house up good enough because we are just selling it”? Of course not, because you are restoring that home to the best possible shape to be able to list it for as much money as the appraisal will bring! This is not any different for rental homes or investment homes, because that is just what they are. These are investments, and if you don’t put effort into maintaining them your investment will eventually fail you. The homes that are put on the rental market should be painted nicely, have newer working appliances, the lawn maintained and lastly clean as if you were going to move into the home yourself. This will keep your investment working hard for you, your tenants happy and your home leased longer.

Quartermaster Properties obviously does not believe in this phrase and our rental homes show it! These are homes leased to great people who need a quality place to raise their families and enjoy the place where life has landed them. We don’t provide “Just a rental”, we provide great homes that take care of both our tenants and owners. Join us in improving this industry and looking at rentals in a different light. Rental homes are just as important to maintain (possibly more important) as a home you own and maybe getting ready to list for sale.