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906 Ventura Place Before & After Photos

As always, a huge thank you to our professional photographer, Liz Elsner from Real Estate Photography, for the wonderful photos she produced for this property. Please check out her work and send her some love.

In this transformation, we’ve included some repairs, updated the flooring, and a fresh new coat of paint to make the rooms brighter. Unfortunately, this house is no longer available on the market and is currently being rented by new tenants. But, you have more other listings that you can check out by clicking here or check out Zillow. Without further ado, here is the collection of 906 Ventura Place Before & After Photos:


We hope you enjoyed 906 Ventura Place Before & After Photos. If you like what you see and wants us to property manage your single-family home? Do you like our process on making a home appear brand new? Click here to get more information or contact us at (864) 479-0008


 Renovating not only restores the house but restores the story of the home and neighborhood.