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Always Have Your Home Prepared

By February 20, 2019November 12th, 2021No Comments

You never know when life is going to throw you a curve ball and when all of a sudden you find yourself having to relocate. I found myself in this situation many times in my life when I was serving in the Air Force. I also found myself relocating when relationship circumstances changed. The point I am trying to make is always have your home ready to sell because once you find out you need to relocate it is much easier to market your home.

It is much easier to sell your home when it has been properly maintained because that is what buyers are looking for. What sellers are looking for is to sell their home for more in the least amount of time possible given whatever their circumstances are. I run into this everyday and when I meet with homeowners and give them my suggestions it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. Once the decision has been made and you have your honey due list, it is all hands on deck to get it done. Staying ahead of the maintenance on your home maintains your homes rising value and keeps you ready for when life takes that unexpected twist or turn.

Spring is just around the corner and here are a few things to take into consideration. The first thing that you need to check is the HVAC system. It has been several months since you have kicked on the cooling side of your HVAC system so it will need a check up to make sure everything is working as it should. Another vital part to your home is the roof. With the amount of rain and inclement weather we have had in South Carolina over the winter it is important to make sure no leaks have developed causing bigger issues. The next common overlooked item that is very important is your gutter system. With fall a distant memory, the leaves are as well which more than likely are residing in your gutter system. This allows water to back up into the eves of your home causing wood rot and attracting those termites we are all aware of in South Carolina. Last but definitely not the least is the vents around your homes crawl space if your home is on a crawl space. Most people close those vents off during the winter months so be sure to open those back up to allow adequate air flow throughout your crawl space. Closed crawl space vents can increase the amount of moisture in your crawl space creating a perfect habitat for termites and other insects

These are just a high level of some common issues we see during our Real Estate adventures. We are always ready to help our clients and future clients with whatever needs they may have. We look forward to an amazing Spring and can’t wait to share in the success’s of our clients!

If you have a rental property in Charleston or the Upstate, we’d love to help you manage it!