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The Pros and Cons of Townhomes

Townhomes have grown in popularity in the past couple of years. Both investors and tenants are starting to become more open about them. However, they aren’t ideally perfect. Most people are still hesitant about them and rather go for detached homes instead. Townhomes do have their share of flaws, but it still has their advantages. Here are the pros and cons of townhomes:


  1. Inexpensive
    • The purchase price and rent can be cheaper than most detached homes. Considering the amount of space, townhomes are priced decent enough to afford. Also, the construction of these attached homes is cheaper to make than unattached homes. It’s a good investment for a secondary home and renting them can get you more space than an apartment.
  2. Less Maintenance
    • Whenever you first purchase a home, you think about the amount of maintenance you put into it. This requires work within the inside and outside of the house. Since townhomes don’t have much of a yard, you can worry less about maintaining it. You just need to maintain the interior of the townhome.
  3. Common Amenities and Community
    • Since townhomes are usually located in a gated community, you can get amenities. This includes playgrounds, pools, laundromats, tennis courts, gyms, etc. These amenities are a stepping stone to get out more and get comfortable. Also, you get a sense of community whenever you step outside the townhomes. This is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors or walk around the neighborhood.


  1. Less Space
    • Even though townhomes are bigger than apartments, their size isn’t as perfect as a detached home. The space can still feel cramped if your family size is more than two people. One argument that people complain about the most is parking. Most townhome communities have limited parking or a one-car garage. This limits the number of guests or roommates.
  2. More Noise
    • Since townhomes are attached, the walls aren’t mostly soundproof. Sometimes, you can hear the neighbors watching TV, listening to music, arguing, and screaming children. It’s not an ideal place of silence if you are trying to study or read a book.


Townhomes are not for everyone. If you are considering a townhome, make sure it’s a great fit for you. It’s great for people who don’t have plenty of storage and want to keep the maintenance at a minimum. Since the community appears welcoming, never judge a book by its cover. It’s best that you talk to your real estate agent if considering buying or renting one. 

Written by: Marie Carlisle

Marie recently joined our team as an Office Manager to assist our realtors with administration, customer service, marketing, time management, and keeping up our social media. She graduated at Lander University with a bachelor’s degree in English in Professional Writing. In the past, she previously worked in various customer service roles for five years at different businesses. Currently, she wants to expand her knowledge in the Real Estate business with various marketing tactics and ideas to help our business evolve. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, creative writing, and spending time with her friends/family as well as her husband, Terry.